Here I am at my College. Just had a confusing and odd day. But I suppose a good one in all aspects.

What are you doing here?


"Of what concern is that to you? "

"Hmm..Let me think…You’re in my way. So go away," she snapped and tried to get around the man so she could get to AV’s ship.

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Elisa thought for a moment and then shrugged held up her fists. “Hand to hand, if you don’t mind. I keep loosing to Papa,” Elisa says and her stance was horrible. “Come on, come at me.”

Of course you keep losing to him,” Vale snorted, turning around and leaving the…

Elisa huffed and raced at him slamming her fist against his face, or well trying to.

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Elisathetimekid is Dreaming...


Elisa shoved away confused, her head shaking. “I-I need to wake up! Not an out of body experience. How can I wake up!? There has to be a way,” Elisa said and backed away freaking out. “Sherlock doesn’t do well if I’m not around for him…” Elisa gave him a pleading look….

Elisa blinked. “Pull through? Wait…am I dying? I dont want to die…if i die ill regenerate…Put me in a dream if it helps. I dont want to leave sherlock. Even if i regenerate ill still be leaving him to my next self…”

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He stopped the images and sounds before walking in and looking at her. “You are my loyal servant. I am your everything, your whole world. You live to obey me. You are my pet. When you are good, I reward you. When you disobey, I punish you. But it would destroy you to disobey…

"Good girl." He took her hand and led her toward his room. "You’ll feel much better after you sleep." The sleeping was important. It allowed the information to sink into the subconscious and let them have their personality back while still obeying him.

Elisa smiled and nodded, crawling into the bed. She soon fell asleep.

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