Hiding Love, Hiding Family//@iantojones-tw

Elisa stood in Jack’s office. “I know today has been busy Jack, but can I make supper early? I’ll fix you’re favorite! Please? I have a really important appointment I need to go to”, she almost begs.

Jack leaned back in his chair and thought for a second then leaned forward again. “What is this appointment that is sooo important Elisa”, he asks and crosses his arms.

"Um..I’m going to uh…the doctors! Yeah the Doctors", she says with a blush. 

"Mhmm..Sure then alright", he says knowing she is lying. He was going to follow her for that lie.

"Thank you Jack", she says and rushes out, not noticing Ianto was by the door. She ran to the kitchen and started on the supper.

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    Jack looked at her and winked, “Believe me, he doesn’t hate you Lis, right Yan?” Ianto smiled and nodded, “Yeah, he...
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    "Fine..But He still hates me..You just can’t see it..",she mutters and looks at Jack.
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